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theme customization

Theme Customization

You bought a premium theme. You’re finding it difficult to make it unique and representative of your business.

Premium themes are great for when you want to quickly set up a good-looking website and you don’t care about looking like many other similar businesses.

My clients often find that the default options of a premium theme are too limiting. Premium themes are made with the most basic styles and functionality so that they appeal to most buyers.

That’s where I come in. If you need something more personalized or you need additional functionality not included in your theme, I can help with that.

theme creation

Theme Creation

You already have a design that you want to turn into a website. You want something that is completely bespoke.

I create custom themes using the Underscores (_s) starter theme. The advantages of this are numerous.

You get a lightweight theme that’s not bloated with templates you will never use.

You get a website that is 100% what you wanted it to be. No one has a website like yours.

If you don’t have a design yet, please see my web design services here.

theme customization

Divi Development

You’ve heard about Divi. You want to use it or you’ve already purchased it, but you want to go beyond the pre-made layouts and child themes.

I am absolutely obsessed with Divi. There is a reason it is consistently one of the top three themes in the WordPress world.

It really is as good as they say. You can have a completely unique website up and running in just a few days with Divi.

It is truly the last theme you will ever need. If you ever go through a re-brand or want to freshen the look of your website in a few years, you can do that with Divi. 

Most of my most successful client projects were built on Divi. The website you are viewing now is also Divi.

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