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Logo Creation

If I mention the golden arches, most people know which company I’m referring to without mentioning a name.

Great logos are simple yet memorable. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

You want to draw interest and spark curiosity. Every industry has it’s symbols. A great logo shows people who you are, but also dares to be different.

A recognizable and familiar logo helps build brand loyalty.



Are you the innovative new player in the market? Are you the trustworthy, experienced one?

Your brand tells your customers who you are and what they can expect from you.

An effective branding strategy makes you memorable and helps you speak directly to what your target customers are looking for.

From your logo to packaging and all online and offline marketing materials, consistency in your identity is key.

web design

Web Design

Now that you have a logo and a clear brand identity, it’s important to pull those things through to your online presence.

Web design is about aesthetics, like the layout, spacing colors and copy, but that’s not all.

Web design is about functionality too. Is the website easy to navigate? Is it a good experience?

Does it load fast? It does not matter how pretty it is if it loads so slowly that your clients leave before they ever get to see it.

A good design has a clear structure, is easy to use and does not distract the user from your message.

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