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Your clients are online and hunting for the services and products you provide. If you are not doing PPC marketing, you are losing these clients. 

I have experience in running Google, Bing and Facebook Ad campaigns. I work with you so you understand the reasoning behind every strategy I implement and every decision I make.

My PPC services include:

–  Bid Optimization

–  Optimal Scheduling

–  Identification and Removal of Negative Keywords

–  Landing Page Creation and Optimization

–  Conversion Tracking Setup

–  Competitor and Trend Analysis

–  Detecting Unqualified Clicks

–  Split-Testing All New Strategies


digital marketing

Organic Marketing

 This involves attracting customers naturally over time by providing value, instead of artificially through paid lead generation strategies.

My organic strategies include content creation, social media management and email marketing.

Content Creation

My content marketing strategy includes blog posts, case studies and guest posts. This also includes visual content like infographics, images and videos. You allow your customers in by providing the information they are searching for. That way you build an interested and engaged audience. 

on-page seo

On-Page SEO

This is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher. My on-page SEO strategy includes:

–  Keyword research and selection strategies

–  Effective headlines and subheadings

–  Optimized FAQ’s

–  Ensuring readability

–  Title tags and description meta tags

–  Internal linking and outbound links

–  XML sitemaps

–  Search console and Google Analytics management

social media marketing

Social Media

Providing your prospects with great content and interaction on social media platforms can bring you brand loyalty and help you drive leads and sales.

I focus on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest:

–  Keyword research

–  Competitive analysis

–  Collaborative brainstorming of content ideas

–  Brand consistency

email marketing

Email Marketing

Most people use email daily. Email marketing is a reliable way to connect with your prospects. Email marketing works because it is a consistent way to keep in touch and build relationships. 

I help you:

–  create targeted content

–  develop your brand identity with valuable personalized content

–  get feedback to understand your customers

–  use analytics to understand what works and what doesn’t

–  increase web traffic

–  keep your customers engaged


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