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My name is La- (a note to follow Sew) -ni. I’m a self-taught web developer, designer and online marketer with 5 years experience. 

I was born in Bethlehem and raised on a farm outside Clarens in the mountains of the beautiful Eastern Free State of South Africa. 

I have two degrees from the North West University. I completed my Bachelors of Primary Education in 2002 and my BA Honnours in Clinical Psychology in 2003.

I was a teacher for 10 years, but that wasn’t my calling. In 2015 I decided that I wanted to do something that didn’t feel like work.

Technology has always been my passion. So, over 4 months I spent up to 22 hours a day teaching myself HTML5, CSS3, Python (Django and Flask) and MySQL and started building web apps and websites with this stack. You can view my Github code repositories here.

In January 2016, I joined Upwork. Through hard work, I soon became a Rising Talent. I realized that what most Upwork clients need is a content management system that is easy and fast to set up and maintain. That is when I started teaching myself PHP and decided to focus exclusively on WordPress. I became involved in the WordPress community and also joined the Theme Review team.

At first I created bespoke themes from the _s (Underscores) starter theme. Later I discovered Divi by Elegant Themes. It will always be my first choice. I love it for the ease of use and endless customization options. There’s a reason it is consistently considered one of the top 3 WordPress themes. It really is that good.

A gorgeous website is a nice thing to have, but pretty useless on its own. To be successful online, you need: 

– a clear consistent branding message

– a search engine, speed and mobile optimized website

– regular website maintenance and troubleshooting

– lead generation strategies including content creation and PPC, social media and/or email marketing strategies.

I provide all these services and more. Give me your grand vision and I will figure out the minute details for you. I pride myself on clear communication and the ability to make the best choices to fit your specific set of requirements. My clients tend to agree. That is why I have been a Top Rated (now Top Rated Plus) Upwork freelancer with a 100% job success score for 3 years straight. You can view my client testimonials here.


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