New Theme or Theme Customization

New Theme or Theme Customization

Please only fill out the questions you find relevant to you. If you are not clear about your color scheme, here are some Color Scheme Inspiration Links:

Need a complete colour scheme: Colour Lovers Palettes

Need an idea of colors that go together: 100 color combos that work

Want to pick single colors: Online Color Picker

Your Name
Your country
Do you have a budget?
If so, how much?(in US$ please)
What is the general message you would like your site to convey?
Please list the URLs of at least 3 example sites that you like the look of
What do you like about these sites?
What do you dislike about these sites?
Do you have a logo?
Would you like me to create a logo?
Would you like your blog on the home page?
What kind of layout would you like for your home page?
Would you like a different layout that I did not mention? Please describe it here
What kind of inner pages do you need?
If other pages are needed, name them here
What kind of layout would you like for your inner pages?
If different layout are needed for each page, please describe that here
Do you have a color scheme in mind? Describe it here. If you used the Color Inspiration Links above please give me the hex number(eg: #123456) of the colors where possible
Background color
Header text color
Paragraph text color
Menu color
Menu hover color
Site name color
Color for other links
Font for header
Font for menu
Font for site title
Font for paragraphs
Font for other links
Font for sidebar headers
Font for sidebar links
Settings for your menu
Settings for your site title/logo
Widgets for your sidebar
Any widgets which I did not mention?
Do you require that your content be moved from somewhere else?
If yes, from where?
If other, from where?
Do you require eCommerce functionality?(I use WooCommerce only)
Which payment gateways are you interested in using?
Please describe how you would like your store to function?
If there are any special regulations in your country that I need to be aware of, explain that here, please.
Any other requirements for your site which I did not mention