How to access your WordPress files via cPanel

Accessing your cPanel can be useful if you’re locked out of your Admin Panel because of an error or, when you’re advised to adjust something in a file that you can not see in the Editor.

How to use cPanel

To access your cPanel, type in your browser of choice. You should see a screen similar to the one below:


Use the cPanel login details you received when you signed up for your hosting.

Your cPanel might look slightly different to mine, but you should be able to find your File Manager quite easily. Click on that:


Next, click on the public_html folder on the left, as indicated in the image below. Here, you will see two files that you may often be required to access: wp-config.php and .htaccess.

You should be able to immediately see both in the list of files on the right, but it is possible that your .htaccess is hidden. If you can’t find it, press the Settings button at the top right. When you do, a popup like the one below will appear. Make sure Show hidden files (dotfiles) is checked and Save.


If you need to edit theme files, click on wp-content on the left, like in the image below. A list of folders similar to the one below will open on the right.


Click on themes folder, look for your active theme and click on its folder. Your active theme’s functions.php, is the file that you might most often need to edit.


Click on it to highlight it like on the image above. Then click the Code Editor.


Do your required editing and do not forget to click the Save Changes button.

And that is all. You now have the skills for complete control of your WordPress installation’s files via your cPanel.

Have fun with wordPress!

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